Civil Engineer

Our Plate Shop is equipped with a Plasma Arc Burning Table. This burn table can cut carbon steel up to 6 inches thick and stainless steel 3 inches thick and a plate sheet size of 10’ x 42'. This equipment allows us to cut at and average rate of 200 inches a minute. This provides our customers with the benefit of cutting multiple shapes out of the same sheet of metal at a very fast rate. So we can cut quickly and efficiently to meet your demand.

We can cut a variety of metals such as:

Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Brass, and Bronze can be cut.

Civil Engineer

We drill beams with multiple holes:

Our CNC Beam Drill Line can handle profiles up to 40" tall. Capable of handling columns up 730 lbs./ft. and drilling up to a 1-9/16" hole through 10" thick material safely. This really becomes important if you need to drill a lot of holes in a structural beam. By automating this part of your project you can save a tremendous amount of time on repetitive task. Call us about your upcoming project, we may have insights that will help save you time and money.

We cut metal:

Our CNC Band Saw cuts metal up to 30" wide and 20" tall.

We Stock Metal:

Shop is stocked with various sizes of metal plate, pipe, angle iron, and much more!