Machine Shop

Metal Tech is fortunate to have such a wide variety of equipment available to make just about anything you need out of metal. Our machine shop gives us a tremendous amount of capabilities. If you need something machined, Metal Tech has the equipment and the talent to get your job done. Our machinists have over 25 years of experience. Put this talent to work for you!

Equipment List

We drill beams with multiple holes.

Our CNC Beam Drill Line can handle profiles up to 40" tall. Capable of handling columns up 730 lbs./ft. and drilling up to a 1-9/16" hole through 10" thick material safely. This really becomes important if you need to drill a lot of holes in a structural beam. By automating this part of your project you can save a tremendous amount of time on repetitive task. Call us about your upcoming project; we may have insights that will help save you time and money.

Horizontal Boring Mill can handle project ups to 12’ wide x 15’ tall and 10’ lengths. Flexible equipment that can adjust vertically for larger diameter bores and adjustable platform

(5) Lathes with capacities up to 42’’ swing x 12’ bed to turn and bore your project to precision

(2) Vertical milling machines with 24’’ wide x 72’’ long tables

Key Seater can cut up to a 2’’ keyway in parts up to 17’’ tall

Jig Bore machine to accurately locate and drill holes in your parts

(4) Vertical CNC milling machines with capacities up to 156’’ travel length, 84’’ travel width and 48’’ height

Overhead Crane with 3-ton capacity to allow safe and easy movement through the machine shop of heavy parts